How to Update Windows 10 Offline

In this article am going to guide you Ho

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to update Windows 10 offline? Then you want to update it Windows 10 offline yes you can update it offline as they you dint internet connection or some other problem. Hen here is the guide for you.

The trick is here for you and this tutorial is perfect for you guys. Apart from saying that the tricks is here and there the guide is explained below in simple manner. Yeah windows updates in necessary.


Why we have to Update Windows?

  • To avoid hacking
  • To get better performance for your PC
  • Include more features
  • Up to time.

If you have original CD I mean original copy of Windows then it’s ok with updating Windows 10 offline or online. If you don’t have original copy then you cannot update with internet. Then you have to update it with offline. Updating Windows210 offline is too easy.  The step by step guide will explain you to update windows on offline. The guide is explained in simple manner and just read out the guide.

Update Windows 10 Offline

Here are the below steps those explain you How to update Windows 10 offline? Now there is no more time waste here and just look at the guide.

  • In the first step itself you need to Download Portable Update app on your PC in order to download updates.
  • Then download and install the app, if it’s zip, file then extract the file and install it and run the application. Then after opening this app you need to install some more apps to download update then install them.
  • Then select all check boxes I mean which are marked and then click on Start.
  • After all I mean downloading all the files then it will inform you the details of your system.
  • Then you have to go to System tab and click on Start button to search all processing updates
  • Then the processing will be done, then it will display all the updates available for your system and you just need to click on the Download tab and it will show all the updates of your system.
  • After all this, now you have to select the updates that suits and necessary for your system then click on Start button.
  • Now, it starts the downloading the updates and after all its done, then you need to install all the updates then go to Install tab and click on Start button.
  • It’s all done.
  • That was it! Now it’s all over.

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