Making Homemade Postcards

You most likely have to aquire in touch with family and friends from far away more than through social networking websites. However, when you listed them all, there will be to shell out quite a lot for buying greeting cards and for the postage costs. If this will be the case, you might want to turn to postcards to complete the job. It is an economical way to maintain close relationships with everyone on your mailing list, as postcards are cheaper and so may be their postage fees. Yet if you want to bring your “keeping in touch” to a higher level, why not venture into homemade postcard printing? Postcards can be easily mailed at the post office no matter what kind so give your postcards a personalized touch. Your friend will surely appreciate areas and the effort.

If you would prefer to endeavor on making residence card mailers, here are many things that you can do:

1. Using a ruler, measure four-inch by six-inch rectangles on a cardstock. Trace the shape using a pencil or just put markings on the corner where an individual to cut.

2. To you can make your postcards really straight and neat, make use of a paper cutter to along the traced lines. If performing not have a paper cutter, use a cutting knife and ruler to develop the sides straight. Which will be the body of your charge card.

3. Now, on to the fun part. Decorate the front side of your deck. Use your imagination in the design and also the materials you may use. You could actually use paint, crayons, markers, stickers, ribbons, and what in order to create your own design. You likewise look up the world wide web for possible motifs. Or you may print out your family photos, and cut them out in interesting shapes so can can stick them on the card along with your embellishments.You can also employ scrapbooks decorations in this purpose. Let your designs dry up first working towards the back side or the message side of the card.

4. When your design is already dry, turn it over. Using a ruler as tutorial and a black and white pen or small point marker, draw a vertical line in the core card. This follows the standard postcard format of the american Postal service.

5. Use arises from on the left side as region for your message. Write a brief note and don’t forget to sign name and include your mailing address advertising have changed address.

6. The middle part of re-decorating . side panel is reserved for your contact name and address. Don’t ignore the zip code. The top of the right side may be the you place a postage stamp. Indicates mail your cards, just buy stamps of the correct denomination and paste it yourself. Do not let your homemade postcard go along with postal machine since the printing could damage your design and the cute elements an individual affixed there.

It seems a good easy project, so ?? Of course it is and you can even make doing these homemade postcards like a pastime to express your creativity. But you prefer, you could also make homemade ones by postcard printing your designs using your existing colored printer. Who knows, this even can become a start up business venture for your family.

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